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The SNI Projects Board

The Board brings SNI's participants together to consider projects business but also SNI's activities and development generally. Brin Hughes, Kevin Madders and Pierre Bartholomé, introduced here, are the Board's standing officers and have special continuing responsiblities to assure SNI's high standards of operation. Contact SNI for details on SNI's current participants and projects.

Brinley Hughes BSc(Eng), CEng, FRAeS, FIET

Chairman of the SNI Projects Board

Roles: Project QA. Scrutiny of internal systems. Financial control. Senior Consultant, dual-use (civil/military) systems and applications

Brin Hughes is an SNI co-founder and, with Kevin Madders, co-mandatory for SNI participants and thus accountable to them. Brin is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and registered as a European Engineer (Eur Ing).

His first career was as an engineer officer in the Royal Air Force, with a range of missions in management, coordination and control of programme progress related to: military surveillance, air defence radar, air traffic control, electronic warfare, communication systems and aerosystem projects. He was based in Brussels from 1987 until 2006, working first as UK representative to and then also Head of the NATO Identification System Co-ordination Office at NATO HQ. Subsequently he was an independent consultant specializing in air traffic management (ATM) and associated communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) technologies. He developed close working links at Eurocontrol and NATO, participating actively in related committees, and has been Chairman of the NATO ATM Committee (NATMC) CNS Group and also Chairman of a NATO Analysis Group on Navigation and Landing Systems. He has provided consultancy support to the European Commission, primarily as a CNS/ATM expert, for telematics, transport and Trans-European Network project activities, including proposal assessment and chairmanship of project in-depth technical reviews. The hallmark of all Brin's recent assignments has been his effective leadership and coordinator role among international partners, governmental and private.

From 1996 to March 2000 Brin was SNI's Project Leader for Eutelsat satellite capacity projects. He also edited SNI's Financial Times Management Report Opportunities in European Satellite Communications. As Chairman of the SNI Projects Board, Brin keeps a keen eye on financial and practical execution aspects of projects. He also, with Kevin, co-vets potential SNI participants against strict admittance criteria and screens project proposals against equally strict quality and other criteria that must be met.

Kevin Madders LLB (Lond.), LLM (Yale), PhD (Cantab.), Barrister

Managing Partner

Roles: General management & external relations. Senior Consultant, ICT and space

Kevin is responsible for day-to-day management, business development and external relations. He coordinates with project leaders on existing projects, and discusses new projects with SNI members plus any external entities involved prior to putting proposals or broader strategy to the SNI Projects Board. He also provides the link to ITSS, SNI's logistics company, and the Transeurosat satellite services consortium.

Within the fields of ICT and space, Kevin works with Brin Hughes and Pierre Bartholomé to assure the balance of projects, skills and external relationships needed to achieve the best, most cost-effective offering. He performs a similar role in the Global Challenge think tank with its project leader, Prof. Paul Lim.

His background for his role and as a senior consultant is that of a technology lawyer and policy strategist, with international experience in both the private and public sectors. His early career was as a London barrister. Apart from litigation, this called for quick grasp of dossiers and, vitally, the client's trust. He combined advocacy with law teaching, becoming next an editor on the Max Planck Institute's Encyclopedia of Public International Law and a lecturer in Heidelberg University. Preoccupation with technological cooperation and Cold War dynamics in early research at Heidelberg led him to focus especially on policy sciences at Yale, followed by PhD work at Cambridge exploring systems theory in international relations and law and applying it to hi-tech developments. He then went on to a charged career as a space official at the European Space Agency, where his work as negotiator and draftsman included the International Space Station cooperation, science and comsat missions, and trade in launch services. He subsequently wrote the leading work on Europe's space sector, A New Force at a New Frontier.

Fluent in German and French, Kevin has advised and assisted governmental and corporate clients since 1995 from Brussels across space law and policy and the legislative and policy frameworks for electronic communications networks and services; he also assists clients in project conception and execution. SNI has been central to his practice and he has participated in most of its projects, as well as in the work of numerous bodies in Europe and internationally connected with his chosen fields. He is in addition visiting professor for ICT Law at King's College London, a domain name arbitrator and think tank contributor, including on innovation policies for growth and sustainable development in Global Challenge.

Pierre Bartholomé I.C.E. (Electronics), LSMIEEE

Technology strategy leader

Roles: Technology evaluation. Senior Consultant, satellite communications and radio spectrum use

Pierre Bartholomé is an SNI co-founder and Strategy Director in Transeurosat. Pierre is one of Europe's communications satellite pioneers. Before Europe even had any comsats, he designed at NATO/SHAPE a system to relay signals using meteorite showers. Pierre was then selected for the nucleus of the European Space Agency's satellite communications team. He was the designer for OTS, Europe's first operational communications satellite. He then became responsible for ECS, Eutelsat's first commercial system and still the backbone of today's European satellite technology. He rose to become Head of ESA's Satellite Communications Division at its technical centre, ESTEC, from where he oversaw the Olympus project -- considered one of the world's most technologically advanced satellite systems even today. He ended his ESA career as liaison officer to the European Commission and as Rapporteur for a wide-ranging inquiry into Europe's satellite communications industry.

Pierre joined SNI upon leaving ESA and quickly began brought SNI to prominence as the Project Leader for the Financial Times Management Report Opportunities in European Satellite Communications. His involvement in SNI has been crucial to the success of SNI's satellite-related activities but has also extended to other areas such as radio frequency planning and general telecommunications regulatory questions of a technical nature. He has in addition been SNI consultant to the European Commission for the evaluation of technology proposals.

On the SNI Projects Board, Pierre contributes to screening projects from a management, technical and feasibility point of view. He also brings his wealth of experience to bear on questions of business development and external relations.